The WKL Kiteboarding World Cup 2017 – Leucate

May 2, 2017

After some seasons with a dramatically organized Kiteboarding World Cup, 2017 has had a fantastic start thanks to the WKL – the World Kiteboarding League. The KRU – Kiteboarding Riders United – is the union that is behind the WKL and it is a Union for professional kiteboard riders. Youri Zoon, Alex Pastor, Annelous Lammerts and Liam Whaley decided to take matters into their own hands, and with great success.

World Kiteboarding League events

To be able to bring the sport to the next level they needed a strong management team and they found some people with the right motivation who would support the WKL. And check out the schedule for 2017! A Freestyle Elite League, a Big Air league, qualifier events and a Youth Cup are all on the agenda. With beautiful destinations such as Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Oman, Portugal, Germany, Egypt, Brazil, Morocco, Cape Verde and the Netherlands (woohoo) we have something to look forward to!

World Kiteboarding League live stream

The motto of the WKL is: “Let’s have a tour with only winners!” This includes not just the riders but also the fans. I am in love with the live stream during events. You can watch the competitions as if you are there with the riders! It is super easy to follow since there is a new scoring system. Every rider gets 7 trick attempts per heat and only the best 4 tricks with the highest individual scores will count towards the final score. These tricks need to come from different trick categories. The score will show on a monitor after the heat so you will know right away if your favorite rider advanced to the next round.

This season we can enjoy the world tour through a fantastic live stream. My friends and I are not going to miss a single competition, are you? (And in case you missed the event in Leucate, you can check out the highlights here 🙂 )




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