Mozambique Kitesurf Paradise

November 26, 2015

Here I am, staring outside the window from under my blanket and I can almost feel the cold at my skin. It is time for a tropical mood buster. Check out this Mozambique Kitesurf Paradise video, I can almost feel the sun :).

Charlotte Consorti and Bruno Dubosq┬áspent two weeks in North Mozambique at Il Pirata lodge. The spot is on the beach of Murrebue, 20 minutes away from the big city Pemba. Here you will find a beach 3k long and a lagoon 500m large. At low tide you ride amidst the sand banks, which creates the perfect flat water spot for freestyle and unhooked tricks! At high tide you can go play with the waves on the reef. This amazing spot is just for you! If you want to kite far away from crowded, well known spots… This is definitely the place you should go!

Riders: Charlotte CONSORTI / Bruno DUBOSQ
Edited by White WALL
Spot: Murrebue, North Mozambique, near Pemba.
Kite school and accommodation: Il PIRATA
Music: Scaling New Heights / Ellis and The Big Deal / Delsart
Filmed with the JVC GC-PX100 , Gopro4 and Dji
Find more info and a roadbook on:
Thanks to : Isuzu, F-one, Manera, Eafit, Sosh, Superdry, Picture, Xtremevideo, Carrera, Alma da Onda

Thanks to Carlo and Susanna for their welcome in their house. And thanks to the locals of Murrebue for all their smile while we were riding!

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