Jalou Langeree in Mozambique

March 15, 2016

Recently I saw a documentary on Jalou Langeree at TLC. It was called Women with a Mission. She said she wants to be a source of inspiration for girls and women around the world to get into extreme sports. Well Jalou, you are to me! She has made a dream life for herself, by working HARD. Without support of the sport world, she had to do it all on her own. But thankfully her family and sponsors believe in her and support her.

Check out her incredible skills and style in this vid. In the fall of this year Jalou travelled to Mozambique in search for some new kiting opportunities. Her mission was to kite the infamous Tohfino point. After a two weeks of surfing and kitesurfing different spots the winds finally changed and gave her a shot to ride that long righthander near Tofo. I love this video edit and the quality of the images in combination with some powerful waveriding. Jalou, you rock! Keep on going to the top.

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