As Free as the Wind

October 12, 2015

This kiteboard movie sends such an epic message. Be as free as the wind, love life and really live it!

Jerome and Noè are two kids driven by their passion to travel and explore, unfortunately modern society and schooling doesn’t always allow this at such a young age. Kiteboarding has been their key to break free and travel the world.

Follow Jerome Cloetens & Noè Font on this film by Sam Van Olmen as they become successful on their journey to be “As Free As The Wind”. The riders are thankful to North & Best kiteboarding as they’ve been given the opportunity and support they need to do what they love and coming all the way here. Thanks to ION, Wet Watersports, Parasol, Ride Engine, Ocean Sunglasses, Reinout Smit, Sam Medysky, La Graciosa Water Experience and everyone involved in the production of this film.

Noè – “I hope that more kids like us get the chance we had to follow our dreams and maybe be a little different than others”

Jerome – “ It’s all about not growing up, about considering yourself a kid, so that you never stop playing.”

Watch them as this kids journey to be as free as the wind.

Photography by Reinout Smit.
Shot & Edited by Sam Van Olmen.

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