Your winter escape

September 29, 2015

In Europe, winter is coming. For those who don’t want to wear neoprene boots, caps and hats on top of a thick wetsuit, this means they need to plan an escape. And what’s better than good old Brazil?

I wholesale jerseys have been to Brazil twice already, to Cumbuco, but now I have heard about this new spot which is supposedly “the shit”. Uruaú it is called, it is situated south from Fortaleza in the North of Brazil. There are lagoons in this area, but you can also start kite on the ocean side and on the river mouth spot. While Cumbuco, Jeri and Paracuru are pretty well known all over the world, it can get pretty crowded there when you are there in kite season. The lure of Uruaú? You are almost alone on the water…

The spots

There are three directly accessible spots from Uruaú; the sea, a salt water lagoon and a fresh water lagoon between the dunes.

 The two wholesale jerseys lagoons are perfect for training! They are totally flat and you can stand everywhere. They are easily accessible with any of the numerous buggies that are available. There fresh water lagoon lays between the dunes, big and spacious with a beautiful scenery. The dunes do make the wind slightly irregular. The salt water lagoon lays against the sea, where you can also find more stable winds.

The sea offers small waves, a long way apart from one another at low and mid tide, thus perfect to play either with the waves or between the waves ! At high tide, the waves break closer to the beach, which creates Coevorden a Post shore-break making the spot slightly choppy, but not enough to be bothersome.

 Besides that, two other great Brazilian spots are within driving distance! Stürmen Parajuru and Miami Dolphins Jerseys Barra Nova, the buggy driver can take you there easily for day trips or half day trips. If you are a tat more adventurous; you can go downwind over the Atlantic Ocean to Barra Nova, or from Parajuru back home!

Best time to visit

The best time for a kiteboard vacation in Brazil is between August and December, during this months you can spent everyday on the water as this is Brazil and it has 大学生になって始める最初のアルバイトにはコンビニがおすすめ the most reliable winds. There is wind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The wind doesn’t get too strong so the perfect kite size is in between 9 and 12m. On average it blows between 15 and 20 knots.

On the rare occasion you find yourself without any wind there is still enough to do: cheap nfl jerseys have a swim in the nice and warm ocean, go on a sand buggy drive through the dunes or discover nature when taking a hike along the white sandy beaches.


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