Sunshiny Zanzibar

October 1, 2015
kite trip Zanzibar

Zanzibar speaks to my imagination. Those crystal clear waters and super bright white beaches are so pretty. I think about going on a kite trip to Zanzibar next summer, but I am not sure yet because I feel like the wind there… I am not sure there is any!

The island lays in the Indian Ocean, in front of the east coast of Tanzania.

The spots

There are two main kitespots on Zanzibar. The first is situated in Paje, on the southeast coast. The second in Kiwengwa, on the By northeast coast. Both spots have good facilities, such as kiteschools, rentals and rescue services with jet skis. At both spots it is best to wear shoes due to sea urchins and cutting shells under the sand.

Paje offers a beautiful lagoon with shallow and butter flat water on the inside, if you are looking for clean waves you can ride on the outside of the reef. With high tide there is some choppy water outside of the reef.

In Kiwengwa you will find soft, pink and white sand with calm and shallow waters. A reef lies 600m from the coast, leaving the surface of a calm bay. The predominant wind direction side – on shore, makes learning very safe. During high tide, wave enthusiast can go wild. 1,5-2,5m waves can be found on the barrier reef.

Best time to visit

The kiteseasons are from June till September(Kusi wind) and from December till March (Kaskazi wind). The wind direction is always sideshore. 2016 Out of all the stories I read about Zanzibar and Windfinder statistics, I estimate that the average windspeed is around 12-14 knots. Usually the wind is lighter in the morning and can get a bit stronger later in the day. If there is no wind you can explore the cultural heart of the island called Stone Town, go snorkeling with dolphins, swim and relax.

I haven’t made up my mind yet. Would it be a good idea to plan a kite trip to Zanzibar? If you have been there and want to share your experience, please do!

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