Kitetrip to Southeast Mexico

November 29, 2016
kitetrip to mexico

Mexico offers plenty of great kiteboarding spots but in this first part, I will focus on the Caribbean side of the country. The peninsula Yucatan is where you will find warm, tropical weather, spacious sandy beaches, and wind! The water temperature is lovely so no need for neoprene in the winter. Mexico borders the United States of America and is fairly easy to reach. But let’s take a look at the different spots first.

The kitespots in Southeast Mexico

Playa del Carmen – A very popular and easy to reach spot. This spot has been part of the stops in the international competition PKRA. You will find flat water, chop depending on the wind direction, and there are multiple shore breaks in stronger winds. The water is perfectly turquoise. In this cosmopolitan town, you can go out at night since there are many bars and restaurants.

Isla Holbox – A small island located just 2 hours away from Cancun. Here you will find ideal beginner conditions; shallow water, a wide and long sandy beach and many windy days.

Isla Blanca – This huge flatwater lagoon is perfect for freestylers and beginners. You can kite here with any wind direction and it is located just 25 minutes from Cancun!

Tulum – Tulum has a stunning beach, with picturesque Mayan ruins in the background. Here you will find soft white sand, blue water and a water temperature that requires no wetsuit. There is a reef around 600-800 meters from the shore. In the right conditions you can find waves here but in most places it is too shallow.

Cozumel – Another beautiful island just off the coast. You will find multiple kitespots here. It is also the perfect place for some diving if the wind lets you down.

El Cuyo – 2 hours away from Cancun you will find this gem. Shallow waters, sideshore wind and wide empty beaches perfect for a long downwinder. The wind usually picks up in the afternoon so you can chill in the morning in this laid-back fishing village.


Kitesurf season in Mexico – the best time to plan your kiteboarding holiday

 The best season to go kiteboarding in Mexico is in the winter: December, January, February, March, April, May. The wind is not always that strong, between 12 and 20 knots approximately. You could be lucky and end up with a day where it is blowing 25 knots. Depending on the spot the wind direction is mostly onshore or side-on. Usually, the wind starts blowing in the afternoon and increases in strength during the day.

How do you get to Mexico

To get to the kitespots you can book a flight into Cancun. You could choose to pick Cancun as your home base and rent a car so that you can discover all the spots. These spots are all pretty close to Cancun, max. 2 hours away, so from here just get a taxi or rental car to get to your destination of choice. Flights are regular and if you plan it right they are also inexpensive.

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