Kitesurfing Ireland – Cold but gold

June 14, 2016

Why Ireland is a great kitesurf holiday destination

When I think of Ireland I imagine an island with rough nature, men with beards, Guinness and chips. But did you know that Ireland has quite some top-notch near empty beaches just waiting to be discovered by the likes of you and me? And quite a few of these beaches can be found in the proximity of Irelands lively capital Dublin. This makes Ireland a perfect kitesurf destination!

In Ireland, you are never more than 150 km from the sea. There are countless unspoiled beaches to be found. There is a lot of green all over the island; you really go back to nature. Ireland is also a top destination for wave surfers from all over the world because it is blessed with great waves.

The best kitesurf spots near Dublin

Dollymount beach – Considered as Ireland’s most famous spot, it lies on the north side of Dublin’s port. Dolly (as the locals say) is a very long and sandy beach, just a 10-15 minute drive away from the City Centre. The water is generally flat and when the tide is out it is waist deep for a couple of hundred meters. Best wind direction is everything in between East and South-West. Can get crowded on weekends so if you are looking for more solitude check out some of these other spots.

Poolbeg – Okay, not a pretty beach but free from crowds. Poolbeg is a small strip of sand lying between Dublin’s electricity power station and Dublin’s port. The beauty of this spot lies in the proximity to the city centre (10 min drive) and the crowdless water. Also flat and shallow water here because of Dublin Bay’s tide.

Sutton – The prevailing wind directing in Ireland is Southeast. So what to do when the wind happens to come from the other side? No worries, just drive out to Sutton beach. NW through NE this is the place to be. Flat water inside the channel and waves on the outside, so there is something for everyone.

The best time to book a kitesurf vacation to Ireland

There is wind almost year round in Ireland, but the water temperature can get really low so the main season is from April – November. Save the months July and September which are not so great in terms of wind and don’t expect any wind in August, that is generally the poorest month. Bring your bigger kites for the summer and smaller kites for the winter period. You should also bring some neoprene since the seawater temperature is always pretty low.

How to get there

From Europe you can get to Dublin in a couple of hours. From Dublin city centre it is only a short drive to the aforementioned beaches. But you could also explore the rest of the island as there are more amazing spots to discover.

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