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March 28, 2017
kitesurfing florida keys

Florida has some epic kitesurfing conditions. With over 2000 km of beautiful coast to choose from, you will sure find the conditions you are looking for. From butter smooth blue-water cruising, big waves, and epic downwinders, it is all there waiting for you. This peninsula is bounded by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream on the Eastside and the Gulf of Mexico on the West. The Florida Keys have had the most consistent winds in recent years for the entire state. The air and water temperatures are also the most pleasant. Since there is a massive amount of kiteboarding spots in Florida we will focus on the Florida Keys in this article.

The kitesurfspots in Florida Keys

Smather’s beach – Key West

At the end of the Keys you’ll find this gorgeous white sandy beach. Palm trees are lining the beach and move in the wind. The kitesurfing is done at the Eastern end of Smathers Beach since there are no power lines there, providing safer conditions. It can be really crowded with sunbathers. Here you can kite in a big shallow area with warm, flat water.

Anne’s beach – Islamorda

Enjoy the big shallow, waist-deep waters at Anne’s Beach. The beach consists of limestone clay and there is a heavy tidal influence. There grow large mangrove trees which stand close to the water with high tide. Watch out for the current under the bridge between Lower Matecumbe and Long Key which can be quite strong.

Curry Hammock – Marathon

Curry Hammock has some lighter winds, perfect to practice your new freestyle moves. The beach is small and the water here is also flat and shallow. Take in the beautiful surroundings while cruising in crystal clear water.

Kitesurf season in Florida – when should you plan your kitesurfholiday

The wintertime is perfect for a sunny and windy getaway to Florida. The wind blows from October through May. The thermal winds don’t get too strong, around 14-20 knots. The wind direction is mostly side-on or onshore at the spots described above, but if it is offshore just visit one of the many other spots! In the wintermonths the temperature is around 20-25 degrees Celsius.

How to reach the Florida Keys

To get to the Keys you should first book a flight to Miami. Miami has a big airport and a lot of different airlines fly here. When you are in Miami you can choose to drive, fly or take a ferry ride to the Florida Keys.

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