Kitesurf Madagascar – Strong winds and emerald seas

December 12, 2015
kitesurf madagascar

Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world lies east from the main coast of Africa. In the north of Madagascar you can find it all. Strong winds, warm temperatures and friendly locals. All you need for the perfect trip to kitesurf Madagascar!

Madagascar is a biodiversity hotspot, over 90% of its wildlife is found nowhere else on earth! This is due to its isolated location. Madagascar has a variety of kitespots, but if you are looking for super strong winds: the north is the place to be. Don’t be surprised if you find manta rays and turtle’s in these clear waters.

The spots

When I first heard the spot name ‘the Emerald Sea’ I was sold. And this spot is nothing short of its name! The water here is turquoise with water temperatures varying between 25 and 28 degrees celsius. In season, the wind blows between 20-40 knots, every day! Where else can you find such awesomeness?

The Emerald Sea is a lagoon where you can find flatwater and waves, making it the perfect spot for wave, freeride and freestyle enthusiasts. It is a real piece of paradise, and you only have to share it with a handful of other kiters! The lagoon has a waterdepth of around 3 meters, sandy bottom and covers 34 square kilometers!! Along the coast you will find some coral and rocks so if you want to get out when the water is low, you would do best to put on some shoes.

Sakalava bay is another great spot if you are looking for slightly more forgiving conditions. A shallow lagoon, pristine waters and fine sands along a 7km stretch of beach. Accomodation here is also a bit cheaper than directly at the Emerald Sea, and from here you can do day trips to the Emerald Sea by getting on a fishing boat.

Best time to visit

In the north of Madagascar you will find trade winds, called Varatraza, from April until November. Daily constant winds between 20 and 40 knots! The most common kite sizes are 5m to 9m, so bring your small kites!

How to get there?

This is where it gets a little difficult. From the Netherlands you can only fly on Antananarivo and from there you have to take a flight to Antsiranana (Diego Suarez). So when you live in a country with direct flights to Antsiranana you should take that one. When you arrive, grab a cab to Ramena. You can also stay in this village as it is a lot cheaper than the accomodation you will find near the Emerald Sea. From Ramena you’ll have to take a (fishing) boat to the Emerald Sea. There you can stay at Babaomby lodge, but that is quite pricey since it is the only option that directly faces the lagoon. At sakalava bay, you can stay at the Sakalava Lodge or the Royal Sakalava. I am going to save up some cash and spent my 2017 summer there!

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