Kiteboard Canada: a Spotguide

April 18, 2017
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Canada boast some amazing beaches and kitesurfspots in the middle of raw and untouched nature. Yes, you should bring a wetsuit (and maybe booties and a cap) but you are guaranteed to have some mindblowing sessions in this beautiful North-American country.

Kiteboarding in British Colombia

Vancouver Island

On this island you will find numerous spots, it is hard to summarize them all. Nitinat Lake is the most consistent summer spot. Usually the wind is in the perfect 18-20 knots range, more when there is some fog along the coast. Nitinat is a great spot for beginners. When you are visiting Canada in the winter you should definitely check out Tofino. As a wavekiter with some experience you will love this spot. There is a bit of everything: beach-break setups, lefts, rights and even the occasional barrel. Expect gusty 15-30 knots winds.

Squamish Spit

The rivermouth of the Squamish River is a fantastic kitesurf spot. The water is cold, the wind is pumping and the backdrop is stunning. At low tide you’ll find a sandy beach but otherwise you will have to launch and land from a rocky jetty. This is not a spot for beginners but if you can stay upwind you are in for a fun day. From April to October you find reliable, steady wind around 15-25 knots.

Discover kitesurfing in Quebec

Baie de Beauport

Kiteboard the St. Lawrence River at Baie de Beauport. Play in the medium-height waves to practice some wave riding or use the flat patches to learn a new freestyle move. There is a sandy launch area and loads of facilities such as showers, washrooms and changing rooms and you can even rent a locker for the day and get some food in between sessions! The wind doesn’t get to strong, expect 12-20 knots in the summer. The wind is stronger in the winter but the temperatures make kitesurfing at Baie de Beauport in winter a hardcore experience.

 Les Iles de la Madaleine

This archipelago is situated in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and offers some splendid kitesurfconditions. Ride on the ocean for to boost of the small waves or go wild in the lagoon where the wind can get 5-10 knots stronger then at the beach due to thermal winds. Best season is the summer but the wind strength is hard to predict, from 14 to 30 knots. If you are lucky you score some priceless storm sessions!

Flatwater kitesurfing in New Brunswick


Rig up your kite at the huge grassy area of Shippagan. This spot is suitable for all levels with it’s flat, shallow water. The wind blows around 5-6 days a week in season at around 20 knots. June, July, August and September are the best months to visit this friendly spot. Watch the tide before you go out, the wind decreases when the tide goes down and increases when it comes up.

Kiteboard on the Great Lakes of Ontario

Cherry Beach

Ontario is the home to some of the most beautiful lakes on earth. Check out Cherry Beach at Lake Ontario. Because of the size of the lakes, waves can develop. The wind blows around 12-20 knots in the summer months. Spring and fall generate stronger winds, generally between 20-35 knots.


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