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February 2, 2016
kiteboarding brouwersdam

Of course it is so nice to dream away at the sight of tropical and far away places, but there is a good number of amazing kitespots to be found here in the Netherlands as well. It may be a small country, but is has a very long coastline (over 500 km), which is studded with different spots. The world tour has its fair share of Dutchies competing and that is for a reason. We have loads of different conditions; wind speed can reach pretty extreme highs and lows. There is little consistency in temperature. The weather is pretty unpredictable. Expect your session to be different every time you go out :)!

The spot

I will introduce you to the spot where I work as a kiteboard instructor: the Brouwersdam. The beach at Brouwersdam is very wide and the municipality and local kite school owners are working together to expand the beach even more by pumping new sand on the beach, creating a larger area, which should be finished by next summer. The beach lies against a dune stroke with a road behind it (the Brouwersdam) so you can park all along the beach and there are multiple entries to the beach. Keep in mind that the beach has an extreme sport area where it is allowed to kite or buggy, you can read this when you enter the beach. The yellow markers that float in the sea mark the area in the water.

It is a spot on the North Sea so it is tide dependent. When the tide is low you can walk pretty far out and still feel the bottom, and the water is flatter. When the tide is high, you can’t feel the bottom after a couple of steps and there are more waves. When there’s very high tide, the beach fills with water, creating a perfect flat water lagoon (ankle deep on most places) for a couple of hours.

Best time to visit

The season starts in April and ends whenever you want it to due to the temperature. October/November are still great months with a water temperature around 14 degrees Celsius so you won’t need booties yet. You will need a full wetsuit or shorty (in high summer) at all times. The maximum water temperature is around 20 °C in August, but it can be wind still for weeks in the hot season (high air pressure). In the summer it mostly blows around 10-20 knots, while in the spring and fall you can expect a number of +30 days. Always check the weather forecast before you go out for a session since the weather can be pretty unpredictable.

How to get there

The Netherlands isn’t big. Fly to Rotterdam/The Hague airport or Schiphol airport. From there you should rent a car if you plan on staying near the Brouwersdam. The nearest big city is Rotterdam (bit less than one hour drive) and the nearest town are Renesse and Ouddorp (5-10 minutes drive). There is more than enough choice in camping’s and hotels. If you are there come and see me at the kite school and beach bar/surf shop I work, Natural High!

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