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September 13, 2016

Why Fiji is a top pick for your next kitesurf trip

Fiji’s 333 tropical islands are the home to some of the happiest people on Earth. And with good reason! Located in the hearth of the South Pacific you will find white sand beaches and pristine sparkling ocean waters. Expect warm sun, steady winds and heavenly waves.
I always expected Fiji to be totally unattainable if you were a beach bum like me, but after some Googling I found out that they also have a bit of choice when it comes to budget accommodation and if you book your flight (way) in advance you don’t have to break the bank to hard for that either! So let’s see what Fiji has to offer…

The best kitesurf spots on Fiji

It is possible to kite anywhere in Fiji as there is plenty of water all around combined with consistent onshore winds. You do need your own gear and be a pretty confident kiter and have to watch out for coral, in a lot of places you will find a super sharp reef. There are also some dedicated kitesurf destinations with lessons and rental.

Taveuni Island – Windy spots with an abundance of choice. From flat water riding behind the reef over a sandy bottom, to kickers and waves – you can get there with a short boat ride. No crowds, just you, the wind and warm water. Plus, there is a hostel on the island offering a bed in a dorm for $17 a night. The Vacala Bay Resort also offers kiting safaris so that you can kite over the lava tube of a sunken volcano! That is the most badass thing I have ever heard.

Nananu-i-Ra – Safari Lodge is the place to stay, this hotel is situated in the Vatu-I-ra Passage – the windiest place in Fiji (or so they say). The wind funnels between Fiji’s two large main islands and this lodge is right in the middle. The water condition is tide dependent, it’s flat with low tide and choppy with high tide. You can kite directly at the beach in front of Safari, but the wind is gusty here and the launch area dodgy, or jump in one of their boats to get to Kite Point and enjoy blue deep water or a magnificent downwinder. With these postcard perfect backdrops, you will make some people very jealous when you put this on your social media feed!

Suva – On the island of Viti Levu & Mamanucas you will find Suva Lacala Bay, this spot has butter flat water, suitable for riders of all levels. It works best with the prevalent easterly winds. It’s not that pretty however, with brownish water and a muddy beach.

Namotu Island – If you have money to burn you should consider kitesurfing at Namotu Island. This spot offers world-class waves right off the shore (Cloudbreak, anyone?), plus an array of flawless flat water riding. I couldn’t really find the prices actually but you get sushi and sashimi for appetizers so it is probably not in my price range. HA!

Kitesurf season in Fiji – the best time to plan your kiteboarding holiday

The South-East trade winds blow from May to September. The wind strength varies between 18-25 knots on most days. A top time to visit is between July and September, because the water is warm, the air is relatively dry and the sun is out for most part of the day. This, however, makes this the most popular time of the year to visit so it can be a bit crowded. On the land that is, there is enough water to accommodate everyone’s needs. If there is no wind you can go diving, SUPing or just go explore your island or lie in the sun.

How do you get there

From the Netherlands there are no direct flights, most have a transfer in Saudi Arabia and Australia or New Zeeland. Also, the planes don’t go regularly, there are only a couple of flights a month. But hey, what did you expect. You can fly to Nadi and get to your destination of choice by bus, minivan, taxi, boat or catamaran. It is a bit of a hassle, but also an extra reason to stay as long as you possibly can! If you live in Australia or New Zeeland you are already pretty close plus the kiteseason is in your winter so that’s perfect.

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