Get salty on Sylt

March 29, 2016

No tropical spot today. The temperatures in the Netherlands are rising, spring has begun and I wanted to highlight a destination in our neighbouring country Germany. Have you ever heard of Sylt? Stage of multiple kitesurf worldcup competitions, and for good reasons. Sylt is the northernmost island of Germany and has a 40km long sandy beach. Everywhere you’ll look you will see beautiful beaches! Because of the long stretch of the beaches there are multiple kitespots on this small island.

The spots

Ellenbogen-Spitze (Königshafen)- On the north side of the island you can find this spot. Not for beginners due to strong currents, but when you are here with high tight expect to find a smile on your face. Flat to choppy water in this big, shallow area of the ocean. This spot only works with a few wind directions, East and South-East are best but West and South-West are also okay.

K4 Hörnum – This spot can be found on the south side of Sylt. Waveriders love this spot due to its nice point break. The best wind direction is Southern winds, but South-West, West and North-West also work.

Best time to visit

Since this is not even a slightly tropical kitespot you will need a wetsuit most of the time. Water temperature lies between 5-20 degrees Celsius with an average air temperature of 18 °C which can go up to 30°C on a particularly hot day. When you have a full wetsuit you can kite from April to November. There will also be wind off-season but the temperatures could be lying pretty close to 0.

How to get there

From neighbouring countries you can just take your car out for a roadtrip! Also pretty nice: pack up the camper van and take it for a spin. This way you have accommodation covered as well! There are multiple camping’s on Sylt where you can get some rest in-between sessions 😉


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