Enchanting Peru ; kiteboarding Paracas

November 22, 2015
Kiteboarding Paracas

Another bucket list item: Paracas, Peru. Peru is a very special country with gorgeous nature and an incredible culture. Paracas is situated 4 hours from Lima when travelling by car and it’s blessed with thermal wind, which allows for over 250 kiteable days each year! Even outside of the main season there is still a 60% chance that it’s windy.

Paracas is adjacent to a national park where you can find thousands of species of birds, including pelicans and flamingoes. Also, you can spot sea lions, dolphins and even penguins. Kiteboarding Paracas will create some pretty special memories!

The spots

Paracas has several good spots so it is recommended to rent a car. The village of Paracas lies next to a peninsula with the same name. The peninsula stretches out in front of the village, this creates a huge lagoon known as Santo Domingo Bay. Here you will find shallow, super flat water near the shore and some more chop in the middle of the lagoon. This spot is great for beginners and freeriders. In addition, there are many more spots south of Paracas. This area also speaks to the wave riders among us. South of Paracas you find Supay, Playon and Zarate. Even more to the south you will find the bay of Mendieta with mostly flat water.

Best time to visit

The Peruvian summer is opposite to ours. The peak season runs from August to March, the warmest months are November through April. The water temperature is around 18 degrees Celsius, this varies a bit depending on the tides and currents. From May to October a 2/3 wetsuit is best suited. It is lovely sunny almost year round! Even in the low season (May to July) there is still a 60% chance of wind!

How to get there

Paracas is easily accessible from Lima. First you book a flight from your home country to Lima, from there you take the bus to Paracas. This takes around 4 hours and then you have reached your destination! Maybe I will see you there one day J.

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