Dakhla ; hidden desert gem

February 23, 2016

In the middle of the Western Sahara you can find a town called Dakhla, situated on a small peninsula of the Atlantic coast. Thanks to this location, a large flat-water lagoon is created which is quite shallow in many places, making it an ideal location for beginners and freestylers. Besides the incredible lagoon it is also an unbelievably reliable location in terms of wind statistics. Year round winds, with still 60% kiteable days in the low season! Sounds too good to be true? Just keep reading.

The spots

Main Lagoon – This is a beautiful spot right in front of your nose.

The lagoon is enormous and there are many different spots to find within the same lagoon, so you can launch either directly in front of your accommodation or hitch a ride on the rescue boat to one of the many other spots around the lagoon. They are all offering super flat water conditions with very clean and consistent wind.

Wave spot – If you’ve had enough of the butterflat water for a day, you can visit one of the wave spots, Pointe de l’Or for example. You will find this spot in a 10-15min drive from the kitesurf centers, a 4×4 is needed to reach this spot. The best wind condition for this spot is North or South. Expect 2-4 meter waves with side to side off shore wind.

Best time to visit

The wind comes from the North most of the time and increases during the day. Average wind speed is between 15 – 25 knots year round! The ultimate months for visiting Dakhla are July-September (20-30 knots), the main season runs from April – October. But even outside of the main wind season there is still a 60% chance that you will find >4 bft. In the main season outside temperature lays around 26°C with a 22 °C water temperature so a shorty suffices. November-March the water temperature is around 18°C, so you can bring a 3/2.

How to get there

From Europe it is just a short flight to Casablanca and from there you should get a national flight to Dakhla, which has it’s own airport.



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