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October 13, 2015

One of the spots that can be found on my bucket list is Guanaja, on of the bay islands of Honduras. This remote tropical island has only a handful of hotels, one main road and a couple of cars. Wind blows all year round but is most consistent in the summer months.

 The island is situated near the end of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world. Warm trade winds blow for hundreds of miles before reaching the shores of Guanaja.

The spots

The Sweet Spot is the place to be. The Sweet Spot is located on the NE tip of Guanaja, just inside the barrier reef and small keys that dot the eastern coastline. This reef protects a large bay that has shallow sandbars, perfect for riding and learning how to kiteboard. Most wind comes from the east so there is a good launch and riding area with easy access to flat water and also some rolling waves.

There are also organized downwinders at The Sweet Spot! These are boat supervised downwinders through flat-water or surf, great for exploring the waters surrounding this beautiful island.

Best time to visit

There is consistent, steady and strong wind almost throughout the year. April – Augus is the most consistent time, but can also bring some rain. The wind ranges between 20-30 knots on most days, but can sometimes drop below 20 knots. In the winter months, the wind is less consistent but it is usually drier.

 How to get there

So, after reading this you are probably wondering why I haven’t been to Guanaja yet. I am checking it out, but it is not an easy destination to reach. You can only get there by plane or boat and there are no direct flights from anywhere outside of Honduras. Even though the large airports are modern and convenient, only small local airlines fly to Guanaja.

The first step is to find a flight to San Pedro Sula (SAP), La Ceiba (LCE), or Roatan (RTB) and book your connecting flight to Guanaja on Lanhsa ( or Sosa ( airlines.


It will be a long journey, but it is so worth it once you find yourself in paradise!



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