Yoga is a gift

December 2, 2015

So it’s December already, and the water is getting too cold for my taste. Since I am not going travelling this winter I need some cool stuff to do and I have decided to start doing yoga. I just finished my first session and it is absolutely amazing! The hour flew by and I am looking forward to an early morning session tomorrow, I’ll be stretching before my morning tea so you could say that I’m pretty hooked. Sometimes you feel as though you don’t have time to do all that is one your list, this is the time you need relaxation the most. As a friend of mine once stated: Yoga is a gift.

My life has gotten pretty busy lately. I found an amazing job where my ideas are valued and where I get loads of responsibility and freedom. I also have some business plans (me and my brother have a super rad app idea) so I am using this winter to get into programming a bit. It’s pretty hard so we will see where that goes. Lastly I am working on a cool website (all kiteboard related of course). With all this different projects on my mind I was looking for a way to blow off some steam and relax without having to go to the spa every week and I believe yoga is perfect.

This first lesson the focus was mainly on breathing. It got me in a state where I completely forgot about time and my growing to do list. I always have a hard time living in the now, always planning and rushing and making lists so this was a great experience for me. This alone is reason enough for me to keep practising yoga on a regular basis; I can fit it in perfectly between getting up and going to work. That will be a fresh start of my day!

I’ve also checked some great yogi’s on Insta and some of the poses are so impressive! It would be super awesome if I could get to their level in a couple of years. But for now, I will be happy if I stay balanced and can stretch a bit further towards the sky everyday. Namasté.

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