The cost of kiteboarding

October 11, 2015

Before you start kiteboarding, the most awesome sport in the world, you might be scared that it is super expensive. Some people think the cost of kiteboarding are thousands of euros just to get started. If you are one of them, I have good news for you. Kiteboarding is cheaper than you think!

 You have to start by investing in some lessons. This costs around €250 for a complete course which consists of 12 hours. Prices differ a little bit but you need to get enough hours of lessons so that you are ready to practice the sport safely by yourself.

After your lessons you will want to buy your first kiteset. But what do you need? The basics are:

  • Kite
  • Board
  • Wetsuit (maybe you live in a super warm water country, than you don’t need a wetsuit)
  • Harness

You can buy these essentials either new, second hand, or last season.

Kite: If you don’t want to spend a fortune, start with one kite. You can always expand your range later. I would advise to start with a slightly bigger kite so you in practice in lighter winds, this will lead to a more stable kite and gives a more gradual pull force. With your kite you’ll also have to buy a bar, so the prices you will read here are kite + bar.

New: €1500-€1800

Second hand: €600-€900 for a decent kite. Don’t buy second hand kites that are more than 5 years old.

Last season: €1000-€1300

Board: If you want to save costs I would invest in a good kite and buy a cheaper board. When you are just starting kiteboarding you don’t really notice the difference between a €300 board and an €800 board.

New: €700-€900

Second hand: €150<

Last season: €300 – €50

Wetsuit: The colder the country, the thicker your wetsuit! If you live in a cold country I would invest in a good wetsuit because than you can also kite in the winter months (than you will need shoes, gloves and a cap as well).

New: €150- €400 depending on quality

Second hand: I wouldn’t do that ;).

Last season: Around 40-50% cheaper.

Harness: Don’t underestimate the value of a good harness. Always try different kinds on to see what works best for you. When trying on a harness it is important that the hook stays down, if it comes up it will hurt your ribs and you have less depower.

New: €120-€220

Second hand: €50<

Last season: Around 40-50% cheaper

For less than €1000 you can get your first complete kiteset and get started! And it’s not like you have to buy new material in a year, kitematerial last for years and you can always sell it to someone else.

But most important is ofcourse, that the wind is completely free! See you on the water.

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