How to survive some time off the water

August 3, 2017

The past few days have been super windy here in the Netherlands, plus I have made some trips to Portugal and Spain so I am having an incredible session-filled season. But, sometimes I can get a little depressed. It is high-season now and I have to teach a lot of kitesurflessons which prevent me from having (long) kitesurfing sessions myself. Some friends of mine are having to deal with injuries and work as well and we discussed the best way to survive some time off the water. 

Research destinations for your next kite trip

I can spent days and days researching windy destinations per month. I check windstatistics, spot info, tickets, accommodation and pretty much everything else. Just doing the research is half the fun, I usually don’t book untill two or three weeks in advance because I can have a hard time making choices haha. But, having a kitetrip to look forward too can really help you get in a good vibe. If you happen to have an injury make sure to have some space in your planning, your injury might take a bit more time then anticipated to heal.

Stay fit and healthy

Keep your body fit by exercising regularly and eating healthy. I know that it sounds a bit patronizing but it has such a big effect on your feelings. Besides, when you stay fit off the water you can have longer or more intense sessions on the water. Without days of sore muscles… You don’t necessarily need to find a super heavy workout regime. Just make sure you get outside plenty in your day-to-day life. I love to go swimming because I also need my swimming skills as a kitesurfinstructor (with high tide, yey).

Visualize your tricks while you sleep

Before I fall asleep I love to think about kitesurfing. This way, it always comes back in my dreams! Plus it works very relaxing for my mind and body. Visualize the tricks you want to learn (or the tricks you will probably never learn, whatever, it is your dream) and make it your own. Sometimes I can even feel the sun on my skin :).

Read kitesurf blogs and magazines

There is soooo much information out there. Read about awesome spots that should be on your bucketlist, the coolest tricks and the latest gear or follow your favorite pro riders on their Instagram. This will keep you inspired and fuels your stoke.

Look for other actionsports 

Try something new, preferable a sport that is not weather (or wind) dependent. Longboarding and skateboarding is really good for your boardfeel and I love to practice yoga. You can also do this outside! Or go hiking, mountainbiking, swimming, SUP, wakeboarding – whatever sport fits you. There surely is something else that can take your mind of kitesurfing for a short while when it is not possible for you to hit the water!

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