Spring is in the air! BBG update

March 8, 2016

Spring is almost upon us and I must say: This winter went by in a blink of the eye! I am loving this new healthy lifestyle I have been consciously working on these past few months. I am working out six times a week with the BBG, practice my yoga daily and try to eat balanced and nutritional meals. I say try because this is my weak spot. I don’t enjoy eating super clean, I also like to go out for pizza or sushi and I don’t want to be too hard on myself when it comes to eating because than it will be hard for me to keep it up.

So I have finished the first four weeks of BBG (Bikini Body Guide) and I am feeling fit! The workouts don’t get any easier, but after a resistance training I am super happy and I feel awesome. There was one week where I didn’t workout because I was ill and sometimes you have to give your body a break. I can see some muscle definition and I toned up in my stomach, legs and buttocks. I am motivated for the next four weeks for sure!

The yoga practice is great for stretching my sore muscles and building some balance and grace into my posture. It is also my moment of the day, a time where I can relax and live in the moment. So at this time I have found a perfect balance, when the summer arrives I think I will have to drop my LISS practice from the Bikini Body Guide because I have so much more activities and stuff to do in the summer. Like kitesurfing of course!! Can’t wait for those warm evening sessions with friends, that is were my heart truly lies.

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