Set some good intentions for 2016; New Year’s resolutions

December 22, 2015

Despite the lack of beach time I am really enjoying this winter. Thanks to my winter feel good plan I get enough exercise through fitness and my new hobby yoga. I am eating healthy and feeling energetic. I appreciate the time I have indoors now and use that time to read, study, write and work. I don’t feel the need to do things and be in places just because of a fear of missing out. So you could say that I am pretty relaxed these holidays! But this is also a good time to set some intentions and resolutions for 2016.

So this winter I am learning to be more grateful for what I have and what I can do with my time at this moment. No more living in the future the entire time, I am feeling on track and unstressed. The Christmas days will be so great, with loads of family and gifts and comfort foods. I can’t wait to give everyone their gifts and hopefully bring a smile on their faces. For New Years Eve Tim and I are throwing a party at our home and we’ve invited our friends. For my new year’s resolutions I just want to hold on to this positive and productive vibe I got going, enjoy moments as they come, feel light at heart and enjoy each day as it is. I want to keep growing, travel and explore and keep working actively in achieving my dreams.

My 2016 resolutions:

  • Stay motivated in learning Java so I can build my own Android app
  • Keep a light heart, don’t stress over the small things
  • Yoga (this will be easy, I love yoga)
  • Get as much time on the water as possible
  • Keep the healthy diet but don’t be afraid to let it slip once in a while
  • Appreciate every day, don’t let routine take over
  • Keep my job motivating and challenging
  • Live my life for myself and not for others
  • Keep giving and receiving love
  • Stop the nail-biting

I could go one but this is a nice set of intentions for the New Year. It is going to rock! I wish you guys the best year thus far!

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