Why kitesurfing is the perfect workout for fitgirls

February 28, 2017

What is a ‘Fitgirl’

It is a popular term nowadays: Fitgirl. But what makes you a fitgirl? For me, a fitgirl is someone that lives a healthy lifestyle. Workout regularly, eat good foods and have loads of laughs with your friends and family. Follow your instinct and do what makes you happy. This means getting off the couch and into the world!

When you check out social media like Instagram you see a lot of girls busting their asses at the gym or running for miles and miles. For a lot of people, this doesn’t seem like a lot of fun so they need a lot of perseverance and push themselves for a workout. This might make your muscles a bit stronger but it will not make you a person that is happy with your lifestyle. Or you might not even start working out altogether because the task at hand just looks so daunting that you’d rather stay in and watch a movie.

Why kitesurfing is the perfect sport for a healthy lifestyle

I believe that kitesurfing is the perfect sport in a balanced and healthy lifestyle because you really get your workout done but it is also just so much fun! At the water you get to spend time outdoors and have a blast with your friends. You will meet so many new, interesting people who will change the way you view the world. Kitesurfing really connects all the things that make me happy and healthy.

You also burn loads of calories while kiting which you can refill after your session. When there is no wind there are loads of other fun activities you can do, such as beach yoga, SUPing or take your longboard out for a ride. Getting started with kiteboarding will open up such a thrilling world for you as it will take you across the globe. People often get so hooked that they just have to chase the wind! Just give it a try, you will love it :)!


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