Kiteboarding competition; try it!

October 3, 2016
kiteboarding competition

This weekend I worked on yet another very successful kiteboard competition. The wind was pumping, there was some media attention, we had a great crew and the riders were like one big happy family. And that is what I love so much about the kitesurfing world. Especially the top riders all seem to know each other and they get along great, they are rivals but also friends. Going on winter trainings together, hanging out outside of events and supporting one another.

Why should you participate in a kiteboarding competition?

Kiteboarding is still a developing and young sport. I never got into competitions when I was younger because I was afraid that I wasn’t good enough. But no one starts out as a pro! Now I realise that it takes work and practice, and by participating in events you can practise your skills, learn how to ride a good heat, get to know other riders and grow. By meeting the other riders you can coach each other and get to the next level. It is also important to learn how to deal with the system, what tricks score high and why? When does a trick count? How does the judging work? Besides this, when you get into kiteboarding competitions you will also attract sponsors who could help you grow your dream career. Later on you could travel around the world, hop from competition to competition and meet people all over the world.

How do you start your kiteboarding career?

There are many events you can participate in. Some may scare you off because they look like a real big deal, but you can always start small. How about the competition your local kiteclub has set up? There are different disciplines as well; nowadays you will find loads of freestyle, wave, big-air, and strapless events. Or maybe the sliderpark is your thing. Find the discipline you want to progress in and build from the ground up. From local events to national and even international competitions. Who knows, you could become the next world champion!

If you live in the Netherlands you can check this overview of approved competitions:

Wedstrijden NVWK

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