Kiteboard magazines

March 14, 2017
kiteboard magazines

There are dozens of magazines for kitesurfers, online and in print. They often show and review the newest kites and boards and contain beautiful pictures and travel destinations. I am still a sucker for printed magazines. The smell of the paper takes me back to the early days of kitesurfing when I devoured magazines to get familiar with technique, materials and the pro’s. Therefore I have made a list of my favorite kitesurf magazines. What are yours?

English kitesurf magazines


IKSURFMAG is the most widely read kitesurfing magazine worldwide. Last year the magazine was read in 147 countries! The magazine focuses on all aspects of the sport; freestyle, freeride, wakestyle and wave riding. It is published every 2 months and is completely free to read.

The Kiteboarder

The Kiteboarder Magazine is the only kiteboarding magazine wholly owned and operated by kiteboarders. Their mission is to engage participation and inspire stoke in their readers by examining the broader context of all elements that makes kiteboarding such a unique sport. At their website you can download the entire library of TKB issues!


Kiteworld Magazine is the original kitesurfing journal, providing us with worldwide inspiration, in-depth reviews and riding tips since 2002. They put their passion and stoke into the magazine, soaking every page and aspect of the magazine.


The international kiteboarding magazine TheKiteMag bring together the best in written- and photo journalism. They bring us the best content 7 times a year. Digital editions are not just available in English but also Spanish, German, French, Italian and Polish.

German kite magazines 

Kitelife magazine

Kitelife is a German Kite Magazin and provides news and everything interesting about kitesurfing and events. At their website you’ll find loads of progression video’s and tips.

KITE Magazin

German KITE Magazin gives all the insights in the newest tricks, techniques, trends, interviews with industrie professionals and information about dream kitespots.

Dutch kiteboard magazines

Access Kiteboard magazine

The Access Kiteboard magazine is from riders, for riders and wants to inspire, inform and motivate their readers in a personal way. This magazine sucks you into the kiteboard culture and is geared towards riders at all levels.


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