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March 22, 2016

Have you guys heard about KiteBnB yet? Just as the name suggests it is a kind of AirBnB-like housing service, where you can stay where the kiters live. This way you can live like a local when you are travelling by renting unique accomodation, plus you save some money on lodging! Besides that, you also support a kitebuddy by staying at his place.

The founders of KiteBnB are kitesurfers themselves, therefore they have decided to make a valuable contribution to the sport instead of maximizing profits. Their vision is to make lodging affordable for any kitesurfer, whether you want to stay at your homespot or on the other side of the world.

To realize their vision they set up a simple and transparent pricing model:

  • Listing an accommodation is for free
  • Service fee for hosts is only 3% of booking value
  • Service fee for guests is only 7% of booking value

The fees are fixed so they don’t vary, no unexpected surprises for you. So if you live near your local kitespot, sign up and grow the network! It is a win-win situation, because if you book via KiteBnB you save money for your next trip and support a kite surfing buddy at the same time!

I think this is a great initiative and I would definitely sign up if I lived closer to the beach. However, to invite someone to your home when it is a 45 min drive to the closest spot is not really fair in my eyes. But I’d probably use it on my next kitetrip! Destinations that are already available are eg. Spain, Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, Canary Islands and the Carribean. Spread the word and help KiteBnb grow so we can go anywhere we like, live like a local, and do it all cheap cheap! For more information, check out


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