Let’s start living that dream

September 28, 2015

Completely knackered after a day full of teaching I’m lying on my couch. I can’t seem to wipe this smile of my face. It wasn’t that it was such a hard choice to make, but I decided it’s finally time to follow my hart.

A question wholesale nfl jerseys I’ve been asking myself for quite some time is: ‘What do I want to do wholesale jerseys China with my life’? There are so many options, and I wanted to try a few but I found myself unhappy in an office environment. I have tried it for a Vic grand total Your of six months… at Video three cheap jerseys different companies! What I learned cheap jerseys from those jobs is that I value freedom the most. I want to cheap nba jerseys work when I STYLE want to, and have enough time for sports, hobbies and friends. Right now I want to work actively on achieving that life!

Now what?

I’ve spent most of my summer working as a kiteboard instructor. I have done this for two seasons now and I truly enjoy teaching others to fly their first kite and take the first step into EyCO this wonderful sport, hobby and lifestyle. The sense of freedom you get from gliding over the water, nothing compares!

Beside that I will spent my time writing and working on other projects connected to kiteboarding. Plus I am chairman of the NVWK (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Wedstrijd Kitesurfers), where we organize the Dutch Championships and some other competitions.

In this personal blog you can read about my passions and fears and follow me on the road to be where I want to be. I want to write about stuff connected to the kiteboarding lifestyle that interests me, post awesome videos and dream away at the sight of suburb travel destinations. Always feel free to respond at my posts, maybe some of you recognize being at this crossroad and want to share their experience!

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