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December 13, 2016
hair issues

Being a girl means that you probably have some other things on your mind then the guys. So, let’s talk about our glossy tresses. How do we keep our hair shiny and beautiful when we spent so many hours outdoors and in the water? Recently I HAD to visit the hairdresser because I couldn’t handle my fluffy dry hair anymore. She advised me to protective hair products. These will save your hair from the damaging effects of salt water, sun and (if you are like me and you love to swim) chlorine in swimming pools.

I reckon I’m not the only girl out there with hair issues ;)! There isn’t too much sun right now in the Netherlands but maybe you are lucky enough to be somewhere warm and windy so here are some of my tips to protect your hair.

How do you recognize damaged hair

If your hair is damaged you will see a lot of split ends. Your hair also gets very dry and it can break off. Or you’ll get super frizzy hair all of a sudden that is unmanageable. Luckily there are a few things you can do to keep your manes lush and lively.

How can you protect your hair

You can protect your hair with various products such as special shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, leave-in-conditioners and leave-in sprays. You can use them before you get out on the water or into the sun, as to prevent damage from happening or after your session to nurse your hair.

What do these hair products do

The hair products often contain UV filters thus protect your hair from UV radiation. Excessive UV radiation makes your hair pale, whether you have your natural colour or dyed your hair.

Besides, they often contain oils that are nourishing and add shine to your hairdo plus antioxidants that restore the cells of your hair and protect it. If your hair product contains silicone it will work water, salt and chlorine repellent.

If your budget is tight or you want to protect your hair with natural substances you can just dive into your kitchen cabinet and grab a bottle of olive oil. Brush the oil through your hair and distribute it evenly. Cover up with some tinfoil and leave it there for half an hour. Rinse your hair out with cold water to close your hair cuticles and you are ready for your kitesurf session!

You can also use argan oil to treat your hair. This oil packed with essential fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants. These will help repair your hair cuticles and provide a good protection against the sun and salt water. No more hair issues for us in the future!

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