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September 20, 2016
eet als een expert

After all the summer BBQs, wine parties with friends and a month of rice and fries and cocktails on the beach in Ecuador it is time to start working on next summers bikini body again haha. No just joking, I feel happier when I exercise regularly and when I eat good food. But, I have been reading so many books and blogs on this subject and I’ve watched a couple of documentaries (Fed Up, GMO OMG and Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead for example) that I feel a bit lost. What is good food? I needed some real healthy food inspiration.

Scientifically proven healthy food advice

The book Eet als een expert (Which translates into Eat like an expert – I think it is only available in Dutch but this will probably change real soon because it is really helpful) is written by four female authors whom have all done an academic training in the field of nutrition. The book refers to a lot of scientific research in an easy and understandable way. It is providing practical tips based on facts. The authors are not sponsored by the food industry which, in my eyes, contributes immensely to the credibility of the book.

Healthy breakfast, dinner AND lunch

Looking for a book with mouthwatering food photo’s and insightful infographics? This one is just that! You’ll find loads of practical tips and tricks on what to throw into your shopping cart and what you’d better leave on the supermarket shelf. The mix&match pages show how you can combine and re-use different ingredients in multiple meals. The pages include recipes for a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert and snacks! It offers great insights in common misconceptions and provides easy answers. I find it a really useful and inspiring book. If you don’t know what to believe anymore, just stick to the facts. This book is a great example of just that. Want to know more? Check out the writers blog: i’m a foodie (Dutch only).

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