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June 8, 2017

My new project: Kiteheart

You might’ve noticed that it has been a bit quiet at Sandintheshower. This is because I am very (very!) busy with building a business for myself so that I can live my dream life! So, what have I been up to? I am receiving so many kitesurf-related questions from people who really want to learn kitesurfing but don’t know where to start. Where can they find a kitesurfschool? How do they know it is any good? Is kitesurfing expensive? How long does it take to learn? Where can you practice kitesurfing? The list goes on and on. This got me thinking, and I decided to build an online platform where (future) kitesurfers can find all the information they need. It is called and it is a listingwebsite where you can compare kitesurfschools, kitesurf travel agents and kitesurfshops.

Listing website Kiteheart helps (future) kitesurfers

For now, is only available for Dutch kitesurfers. Before I started this business I would have never guessed that it would be such a massive project. But, slowly and steady I am building my brand. I am listening to my users and making adjustments where needed. At this moment, users can use the smart filters to find a kitesurfschool that fits their needs. You can choose which lesson you are looking for, where, the price, certifications of the school etc. In the future it also becomes possible to read reviews kitesurf lesson directly. There are also smart filters to find a kitesurf holiday or a kitesurf shop. It has never been so easy to start your kiteboarding adventure!

Excited for the future

I am really excited what the future will bring. For now I want to add a lot of useful information to the blogsection as well as integration pages with spot information. I am running Kiteheart together with my boyfriend Tim (the nerdy-brain of the operation) and we plan to use this winter to branch out to other countries. It has just begun but I am already loving every minute of it!

You don’t speak Dutch but want to stay up to date with Kiteheart? Follow our insta page – we’ll let you know when Kiteheart is available in English! And images speak every language, right?

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