Blogging for Alienadventure

October 29, 2015
Blogging for Alienadventure

I am so stoked right now! From now on I will be blogging for Alienadventure, a one-stop shop for travel adventure enthusiasts. It is a startup firm where you can book all-in adventure trips or get some inspiration for your next trip through the stories, recollection and tips on their blog site. This is right up my alley, as I love travelling almost as much as kiteboarding. I will be contributing by writing about my travels through South East Asia mostly, as that is the destination they focus on at the moment.

For me this is a great opportunity because I love writing blogposts and this way I can spend a lot of my time doing what I really enjoy. It’s also a nice way to improve my writing and share it with a larger number of people. I get to bring back memories from these three lovely months a spent in Asia a year ago. A year that went by so fast… Time flies when you are having fun right! But I have made another step in the right direction and I am happy for it. Maybe in the future they will expand there scope and I could throw in some great kite trip tips etc. 🙂

Besides this activity I am always on the lookout for opportunities and cool projects. Taking on a variety of different tasks gives me enough diversity and defiance so I don’t get bored and get to live an awesome life. I also spend a lot of time trying to find a challenging part time job so I can pay the bills and learn some skills at the same time, but that turns out not to be easy. If you happen to know something awesome please let me know!

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