Behind the scenes ; kiteboard competition season

February 9, 2016
kiteboard competition

It might be low season on the water for me at the moment, but behind the scenes I am pretty busy with all kinds of kite related activities. Translating for TheKiteMag, having meetings with the Dutch Kiteboarding Association, voting on the AGM of the International Kiteboarding Association (by proxy because I was not able to go to Rome, but nonetheless we’ve had our say) and meeting up with Exventure to make sure that next kiteboard competition season will rock.

It is not easy to plan kiteboard competitions, since you will have to decide on dates in advance. You need to fix some things in advance like media exposure and local permits, which can be all for nothing if there is no wind on said day and location. In addition, kiteboarding is still a relatively ‘small’ sport where budgets are generally small.

Then, in the week prior to the competition date everyone is frantically checking the forecasts. Wind strength, direction, spot specific details, it is all of importance. You can imagine that 40+ knots is awesome, but could be a bit much for the low-weight youth. Two days before the event it is decision time, is it a go or a no-go? This can be a straightforward yes or no, but sometimes it takes some consultation with various parties.

No-go? That sucks, than we will have to wait for the next call date. Go? Supernice! It means it is time for action. Call everyone you know in order to get the needed manpower within 1-2 days. We’ll need judges, administration, hosts etc. A tent for the riders, a tower for the judges, rescue services, music, food, a stage and a good ambiance.

But, I am running ahead of myself. Right now it is about determining strategy, number of events and kind of events where we will be assisting. I am looking forward to next season because it will be the first season where I (and with me some other guys on the board) will be involved with setting up the competition season from the beginning. Let’s make it a good one!

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