Autumn madness

October 1, 2015

It has been a while since my last kite session. The past few weeks there has been nothing but soft, offshore wind.  I get filled with nostalgia when I think about the usual autumn madness. It usually goes something like this:

The stoke is rushing through my veins as I arrive at my local spot. I count five kites on the water, buttery flat low water and some rays of sunlight. As I head to the beach club to meet my friends I can barely wait to get in my wetsuit and start pumping.

Nothing beats a good session with friends; as soon as we put our wetsuits on we are in the right vibe. The wind blows 25+ so I am heading out on my 7m. With all the space on the water we are free to show of all our moves and try some new ones. No matter how many times you crash, it is so worth it. Everyone is happy, enthusiastic and in the zone.

At the end of the day we always like to hang out a bit more, having a beer and a laugh. We all agree that autumn the best period is for kiteboarding in the Netherlands. The winds are strong, the water is still warm and the ‘summer’ kiters stay home. The spots can get really crowded in summer, but when it’s autumn you have all the space you could wish for.

I may have romanticized it a little bit but still, autumn is by far my favorite kiteboard season. What’s yours and why?

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