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November 20, 2015
kite gear airlines

Sometimes you find a supercheap ticket to the perfect kite paradise. But wait, before you book it you’ll have to check what they charge for bringing your kite gear! You are going there to kite after all :). Sometimes it costs you so much time to figure out how much the airline charges that you are close to giving up. I made a list of the major airlines and their charges for a boardbag to help you out on such moments. I must say that I was happily surprised by the results. Here they are:

KLM/Air France

Free off charge (instead of a suitcase). Max. 23 kg when you fly Economy, max 32 kg when you fly Business. When it’s over 107 cm you have to reserve a space for your equipment.


Delta airlines

A long list of requirements for Delta.

  • 150 USD/CAD for travel to all regions (excluding Brazil, Europe, and North Africa)
  • 150 USD, 175 CAD*, or 125 EUR* for travel to/from Europe or North Africa
  • 100 USD for travel to/from Brazil
  • Boards over 115 linear inches will not be accepted
  • Kiteboards will not be accepted as part of the passenger’s baggage allowance
  • All kiteboard equipment is accepted up to 70 pounds at a flat rate
  • Kiteboards are allowed up to two (2) boards per bag


  • If it doesn’t exceed the free baggage allowance it is free.
  • If it exceeds the free baggage allowance but not the maximum weight
  • Continental – EUR 50 / USD 70
  • Inter-continental – EUR 100 / USD 150

If it exceeds the maximum weight of 32 kg then the charges for cargo transport apply.

Turkish airlines

Here it becomes hard to understand what you have to pay, but it is sure that you’ll have to! You pay from your point of origin for the distance of your flight until you reach Turkey, if you fly further you have to pay extra. When you depart in Europe you pay €30 (to Turkey) one way and when you depart from the USA or Canada €60 (to Turkey) one way. You can expect additional charges.

What Turkish Airlines says:

For carriage with points of destination and arrival outside of Turkey, one-way charges for flights departing Turkey or Ercan are totalled and applied. Carriage of a piece of sports equipment in journey Chicago-Istanbul-Tunis (CHI-IST-TUN / One way) is charged as follows: Chicago-Istanbul: 60 Euro + Istanbul-Tunis: 30 Euro, total payable: 90 Euro.


Also free as long as the weight and dimensions do not exceed the normal free allowance! That is great news. Customers are allowed two bags of up to 23kg each in Economy Class, and two bags of up to 32kg each in First Class and Business Class.

Total dimension has to stay under 150cm (59 inches).

British airways

Many types of sports equipment can be carried as part of (but not in addition to) your free checked baggage allowance or as part of an additional purchased allowance if required. We can only accept sporting equipment if it is packed appropriately (to avoid damage) and meets the given size and weight restrictions. Items over 23kg may incur a heavy bag charge.

So this list shows that there are a number of airlines who let you take your kitegear for free, which is always a nice bonus and worth considering! Did you really miss some airlines in this list? Let me know so I can add some information about them too.

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