Women harnesses

January 26, 2016
womens harnesses

The harness is one of the essential pieces of equipment for kiteboarding. Comfort and quality are the most important features of your harness since you’ll be wearing your harness every time you kite. But, after going through the early days with a men’s harness, a whole new world opened up for my after having bought a harness specifically for women. They are contoured and shaped differently from a men’s harness to fit the curves of a woman with padding and reinforcements in different places than a men’s harness. It also stays put so your boobs won’t get squished while throwing out some sick tricks.

Most women harnesses are more narrow on the side and front, because a woman’s body has less space between the ribs and the hips. And the women harnesses are smaller of course, I have a mystic warrior for teaching and even the XS doesn’t fit me right. With a men’s harness you have to pull it very tight and still there is some space left because it doesn’t take your hips in account.

After some testing I went with the Ion Nova (2013) harness. It fits like a glove because it has a kind of pre-shaped shape, supports my back, has soft edges and has a push button spreader bar. I need this because otherwise I won’t be able to open my own harness when my hands get to cold (yes, I have been in that situation a lot… Having to ask a stranger if he could please free me from my harness). And, also important, it looks pretty badass! So if you are still struggling with your manly harness, pushing it down while cruising, turning it around because your spreader bar is at your back every ten minutes, I would highly recommend you to check out some women’s models. There is plenty to choose from! Make sure you test a harness before buying it, if you see a girl on the beach with a harness you might be interested in, just ask her if you could try it out. Always good to have a reason to shop, right ;).

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