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August 30, 2016
piq and north

Since it is almost my birthday I was looking for some cool presents that I’d like to have. I never had a WOO but I heard about this new device, the PIQ, and that sounds even better because you can read your scores in real time! So instead of comparing scores afterwards you can keep pushing yourself during the session to beat yourself! Or in North’s words: Ride harder than you’ve ever ridden.

The PIQ sensor records your rides and measures jumps in real time (height, airtime and G-force at the landing). It is available in collaboration with North Kiteboarding and it’s the newest action sports wearable technology. It will tell you everything about your performance while you are still riding. So after a massive jump you can press a button on your board and you know what you want to beat 😉

This device was made with riders of all levels in mind, whether you are just starting with your first jumps or competing at top level. It comes with an app that’s easy to navigate so that you will have the details of your performance in the palm of your hand. You can share session details with the PIQ community and find out how you rank. This way you can challenge, compete and compare in a matter of seconds!

PIQ produces the sensor and North Kiteboarding the kitesurf compatible accessory. The PIQ sensor is also compatible with other sport accessories, like the ski, tennis or golf accessory. When you order the PIQ + North Kiteboarding set you will find in the box: your PIQ sensor, the PIQFuel charger, the North and PIQ Kiteboard accessory and the activation card.


LED Display | Battery life up to 8 hours | IP67 Waterproof | NFC-enabled | Bluetooth Low Energy | Free app

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