Ion Neo Shelter Jacket

November 8, 2016
Ion Neo Shelter Jacket

The temperature is dropping rapidly in Western Europe at the moment. Luckily, I am prepared for the winter that is coming. Last weeks session was so chilly that I kept my Ion Neo Shelter Jacket on at the water, you can also use it when you get off the water to stay warm at the beach. It is made to keep you warm on the beach mid session because it keeps the wind off. The hood prevents your body heat from escaping through your head.

This jacket is made of soft neoprene that hugs your body. One extra layer of neoprene really protects you from the cold. After my session I was surprised at how warm my torso was. This is very important because this is the part of your body where your vital organs are stored. I already have two of these Shelter Jackets and got an Ion Neo Hoody Light Jacket for my boyfriend, that one is more for on the water instead of in between sessions.

The Ion Neo Hoody Light Jacket looks awesome, has a smart fit and is available in bright colours to light up the greyish water and air. Both the Shelter Jacket and the Hoody have an opening for your harness hook and pockets/a pouch for storage or to warm your hands. These products are not only useful for kitesurfers, they provide a bit of extra shelter and warmth for all watersport addicts such as surfers, windsurfers and SUP enthusiasts.

Features Ion Neo Shelter Jacket

  • Cargo-style zipper pockets with drain-holes to keep your hands warm and for storage
  • Diagonal front zipper – provides natural jacket position alongside harness-hook
  • Airprene mouthpanel with hole punched neoprene for relxed respiration
  • Waterproof and windproof neoprene
  • Complete inside insulation including pockets for extra warmth
  • Ergonomic contour hood with draw cord fixation around the face
  • Velcro Cuffs
  • Opening on the frontside for outside access to the harness spreader bar

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