F-one Bandit 9

October 7, 2015
f-one bandit 9

As I have mentioned before I have had a session on the F-one Bandit 9 already! The Bandit is my all time favorite, a stable and smooth kite which suits all types of riders. It is best described as an all-round freeride kite. I own the Bandit 6, but often ride with the Bandit 7 and Bandit 8 as well.  

According to F-one, the 2016 model has a better and faster depower. The shape of the kite is a little tighter which stabilizes the kite even more. The trailing edge is matched with a thinner but stronger material, which makes it lighter and prevents the kite from rattling. That is definitely a good thing!

The small sizes differ from the big sizes. 5, 6 and 7 have more wave specific characteristics. The 8, 9 and 10 are the standard sizes, they are super-efficient in any kind of winds and disciplines. 11m+ is adjusted so that they fly better in less wind.

I tested the 9m in 20+ knots. It is a great kite, easy to handle and it feels really familiar even when you fly it for the first time. But I think I pay less attention to detail than F-one does, because I couldn’t really notice a difference compared to the 8. Then again, I must say that the Bandit is in its ninth year of production and development and the improvements are more incremental than ground breaking.

Oh and one more small thing. I am not sure if I like the colors! I tested the orange, blue, white and think this color combination is awesome but all the combinations are pretty fluorescent. So put on your sunnies when you get them out! The kites can hurt your eyes..

I tested it on the old bar. Having seen the new bar I am disappointed in the chicken loop, it is the same super small chickenloop. But, the new bar looks super slick with the red and blue!

 TL;DR The Bandit never lets you down. If I had the money I would buy them!

The model


15-30 knots

The features

Technoforce fabric

Flat sewing

Vertical cut struts

Streamlined leading edge end tips

Kite tuning options

One pump collar valve

Canopy reinforcement

Kevlar reinforcement on leading edge

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