Brunotti Riptide 2016

September 30, 2015
Brunotti Riptide 2016

The Brunotti Riptide was on my wish list since I first laid eyes on it. That shape, that colors, that look, such awesomeness! And when I rode it, I knew this was the board for me. It is so comfortable, but also allows you to push yourself because the board has quite some pop and the right flex for easy landings. Before the Riptide I rode the North Soleil (2011), so this isn’t my first women’s board. I like to ride boards that are on the small side, this one is a bit bigger than I am used to and a lot more stable!

The Riptide features double concave for escape easy riding and cornering, with dual channels for extra grip. It is super easy to wholesale nfl jerseys control due to the extra channels algodón on the toeside and heelside, even in the hardest conditions! The flextip and active rocker result in a weekend controllable pop. The Riptide is also pretty light, it has reduced in weight so Turcja this will launch wholesale nfl jerseys you even higher in the air. This board is perfect for both freeride and freestyle. cheap jerseys I am riding it in combination with the High Performance Pads and Straps in order to maximise performance. These straps are really easy to adjust to your feet, personalizing your riding experience. I ride this board mostly in F-one flat to that choppy water.

I wholesale jerseys find the Brunotti Riptide an amazing board, but Brunotti has a lot more to offer. I used to find Brunotti a bit dull, but not anymore. The brand went trough a true transformation and with the The addition of there RDP GRAPHOSPRINT line they offer some serious cool products!

The Model

Size: 133*40

Foot straps: wholesale nfl jerseys High Performance Pads and Straps

The Features

Diamond shaped rail tech

Extreme boot proof insert tech

Power rocker duo channel

Pop tips

Solid chassis tech

Grip base

Full wood core

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