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June 22, 2016
sugar free cakes SUE

Eating as sugar free as possible again

I have let myself go the past couple of weeks, I thought because I was working out a bunch that I could eat how much I wanted and whatever I wanted… The scale showed me that that is not true haha. But I love eating healthily so let’s just ease into it again with my favourite sugar free cakes (and also gluten free, lactose free and raw) by Sue.

Not my own recipe, but I had a piece of one of SUE’s sugar free cakes in a coffee shop the other day and it is H-E-A-V-E-N so I wanted to share it! The concept SUE originates from the cravings for sweets from owner and founder Kim Sue Palm. She was looking for a healthy and tasty alternative to soothe her sweet tooth.

Sweet without sugar

I always find it pretty hard still to find food without to many refined sugars in them, especially if you want something like cake. Most of the time the alternative is some banana bread (if you’re lucky and it’s on the menu) but that is getting a bit boring as well. And often when you’ll have coffee someplace all they offer is cakes and muffins stacked with refined sugars.

The effects of refined sugars on the human body are more harmful than most people think. There is a difference between refined sugars and the natural sugars that SUE is working with. Unrefined sugars are a good and necessary source of energy for the body. SUE uses many pure ingredients such as dates, rice syrup, coconut, nuts and some creativity, showing that you really don’t need refined sugar to create something very tasty.

SUE has a comprehensive assortment. My favourite thus far is the Salted Caramel. This delicacy consists of a crunchy almond-date bottom and a slightly salted almond-date stuffing topped with a chocolate layer and a date-caramel crème with pecan. Expect a party in your mouth! At the moment you can only buy the SUE products in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) but I expect SUE to grow a lot bigger! Check them out for yourself at Sue Food.

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