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July 26, 2016
meal box

School or work, chilling with friends and family visits, taking care of your family or pet, working out or cleaning the house, reading a book or watching Netflix… People are always busy nowadays, and as much as you want to eat healthy it can be hard. Going to the supermarket when you are already too hungry will lead to an overflowing shopping basket. And I’m not talking cucumbers and lettuce but chocolate and cookies (you know what I mean). But no more! The meal box is on the rise.

What is a meal box?

A meal box is a subscription service on food delivery. There are a lot of providers you can choose from based on your wishes. You can compose your own ingredients in the box (or you can choose between different recipes) and the box provider does your groceries for you. Most providers are very flexible in their membership. So you can choose to get the box every week, every other week or once a month.

Healthy living made easy

A meal box service can make it pretty easy for you to eat healthy – assuming you’re not going to poor mayonnaise on your fresh creation of course ;). They deliver the goods and you only have to prepare and enjoy your home cooked meal. Curious? I have listed a few companies for you guys but there are many more and often they are focused on a local market.


  1. Choose from a weekly menu
  2. Get pre-measured seasonal ingredients
  3. Prepare the food and treat yo self!

You can choose between different types of boxes – classic, veggie and family. You’ll get a box of fresh, pre-measured ingredients and delicious recipes delivered straight to your doorstep every week. If you wish to modify or pause your account you can.


  1. Choose a program that is best for you
  2. Sign-up using an order form from your local Freshii
  3. Pick up your meal box once daily
  4. Eat & Energize

Freshii let’s you choose a program (box) that fit’s your goals. There is a slim box, a clean box, a bulk box and a gluten-free box. So the first step is to choose a program that fit’s you best, you can sign-up using an order form from your local Freshii and you can pick the meal box up daily. There are also possibilities of having it delivered to your doorstep.

Marley Spoon

  1. Choose delicious recipes
  2. Order when it’s convenient
  3. Cook with seasonal ingredients

At Marley Spoon you can select your own recipes since you receive an e-mail with meal choices 10 days before delivery. You choose the delivery date and they are flexible with delivery. You can skip any week that doesn’t work for you. There are two kinds of boxes, 2 person or family boxes.

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