Kitesurf food to bring to the beach

January 10, 2017
kitesurf food

A lot of the kitespots I visit don’t have a restaurant or other facilities where you can grab a bite to eat. Kitesurfing leaves me very hungry, especially when I have multiple sessions a day I just have to eat something that fills my stomach but still allows me to wear my harnass afterwards. I used to last all day on banana’s and peanut butter sandwiches but there are a lot of easy to make (and bring) foods to prep as a lunch or snack. My recommendations for the best kitesurf food:

Sandproof Wraps

Wraps are the perfect beachfood! They are easy to eat one handed and the fillings are tucked away on the inside so it has a natural protection from all the sand ;). You can put whatever you want on it, I recommend hummus and fresh veggies because if you leave it in your kitebag your lunch can heat up a bit.

Versatile Skewers

You can make chicken skewers, or put veggies and cheese on your skewer. You don’t need to bring cutlery so that is a big plus! Make a dessert one with fresh fruits and you are ready to rock your next sesh.

Salad with a personal twist

I have a salad lunchbox with a cooling element and cutlery that is attached to the lid. This makes it very easy for me to take fresh salad with me wherever I go. For my salads I mix and match various veggies. Bell pepper, zucchini, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes and soybeans are my favourite ingredients. I also love to add chicken; the protein gives you a lot of energy. Add some pasta or couscous because you’ll want to stock up on carbs as well.

Nutritious Nuts

Nuts are the best snack. They are high in calories, a rich source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fiber. Pick unsalted nuts because you don’t want to be thirstier than necessary ;). If you have a sweet tooth you can add dried fruits to the mix.

Thirst quenching Fruit

Watermelon is a really nice beach fruit (just cut it at home and store it in a container). It is thirst quenching and gives you a sugar kick for some extra energy. Grapes have the same effect plus they are easy to bring.

Plus, keep hydrated by drinking lots of water! What is your favourite in-between-sessions beach snack/lunch?

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