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May 10, 2016
Nakd bar

I’ve never cared much for cooking, though I’ve always loved eating. But, this has changed recently since I have gotten an interest in healthy living. Now I am meal prepping, buying organic food and I’m always trying new products that look healthy and jummy. My boyfriend says that I am like those hoarders you see on television, not being able to move through their houses because they have collected so much stuff, except I hoard healthy snacks like a doomsday prepper. Of course there is also room for pizza and sushi and wine in my diet, I just don’t have it as often as I used to ;).

But anyways, since I love food so much I have decided to add a new section to Sandintheshower, where I will share my favourite recipes and products. I just got home from another food hoarding trip and came back with these Nakd products. Nakd bars and fruit&nut nibbles are raw, wholesome and nutritious. They don’t contain wheat or dairy products and no added sugars or sweeteners. I am a huge fan, they taste absolutely delicious and sweet!

The bars and nibbles consist of dates, nuts and fruits. The crunchies have extra protein in them for a crunchy bite. They are very pure and contain only easily identifiable ingredients that you can expect to find in your own kitchen, like bananas. Bananas are the best. So the bars differ from other healthy bars because they are made from a ‘whole food’ concept. This means that mostly raw ingredients are used without added sugar, syrups or other mysterious stuff that you find in our so-called ‘healthy’ food where they add sometimes over 20 ingredients to get to a certain taste…

Curious about these delicious bars and nibbles? On their website you can order the products or go for a mix box so you can try loads of different snacks. They are also for sale in health food stores as for example De Tuinen in the Netherlands. Even some of the regular supermarkets sell them! Enjoy.

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